The Wrong Direction

Uncategorized May 29, 2020

I posted this on a Mastermind Group on FB...What are your thoughts?
The real estate industry has been taking the wrong direction which unfortunately hurts agents attempting to make a career out of it...poor training, to many meetings with content that does not help increase the skill necessary to survive. Now the test is in front of us...big companies (ibuyers) coming and saying they want to help because basically the agent creates problems and in the meantime creating a market to convince the consumer that they do not need us...the consumer actually prefers us but they want someone that is different than 90% of the agents. We can win if we decide to change our approach, raise the level of our presentation skills, and deliver a consultative service vs a salsey approach. The scripts are old, the training is terrible, and the delivery of service is we bring more technology to the consumer we are actually closing the lid on the agent and the big company wins. Sorry for ranting...

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